About The Product


HYDRA SHIELD™ has been developed to meet the Hydraulic Safety guidelines - MDG41.

HYDRA SHIELD™ is a personnel and hydraulic hose protection product. 

HYDRA SHIELD™ completely encases the hydraulic hose loom.  This patented product is simply wrapped around the hoses and fixed at each segment with a strap. 

Designed to interlock with the next piece. This gives a continuous protective shield along the length of the loom. 

HYDRA SHIELD™ has vent channels around the perimeter of the product as well as a membrane which when fastened with the straps acts both as a seal to keep stone chips and rubbish out, and as a relief valve for exiting hydraulic oil. 

It spreads the force of a rupture across the length of the product, slowing down the oil to a trickle with limited force.


HYDRA SHIELD™ has patents in the following countries:-

  • Australian Patent No. – 2011238429
  • Brazil – BR112012025797-8
  • China – 201180018273.3
  • Canada – 2795842
  • European – 11764955.8
  • South Africa – 2012/08154
  • Chile – 53.132
  • USA – PCT/AU2011/000405
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