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About The Inventor of Hydraulic Shield™

Since 1979, Peter May has been working in the mining industry.  During his early years he found a need in the industry for a product to protect hydraulic hoses. 

After developing his first product in 1989, Peter May has continued to have an influence in the industry in many ways.  Several years ago Peter May felt it was time to leave his previous business behind and move in a new direction. 

The last few years has seen Peter return to working in West Australia’s underground mines to see exactly how he could change the way we protect not just the hydraulic hoses but also the valuable personnel who work with the machines.  From this a product was developed – HYDRAULIC SHIELD™.

HYDRAULIC SHIELD™ is manufactured in Australia to meet the MDG41 guidelines.


This product

  • Protects personnel from oil explosive force caused by blown hoses
  • Increases productivity with less downtime
  • Can remove one piece at a time
  • Is re-useable
  • Maintenance people can see oil leaks, or other problems through shield
  • Is flame retardant
  • Is halogen free
  • Is easy to install/remove
  • Keeps hoses clean



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0402 914 397