About The Product


NO GAP WRAP has been designed to compliment and go hand in hand with our HYDRA SHIELD product.

NO GAP WRAP is a spiral wrap with no gap for your hydraulic hose looms, allowing dynamic protection for your hoses throughout their range of movement. Designed primarily to cater for accessory looms on jumbos, looms on long hole drills, spraying equipment and any mobile equipment with hose looms. With sizes ranging from 55-120mm and being a spiral application, allows this product to also be used on any hose or hose looms including the main drill loom on jumbos if required.
The product comes in pre-cut lengths, pre-drilled and supplied with our purpose made joiners, to maintain the profile of the product and ensure the function is sustained.


NO GAP WRAP is available in 4 sizes - 55mm, 70mm, 90mm and 120mm. Sold as a kit with joiners and an installation bar, you can CLICK HERE to view our detailed catalogue.


No Gap Wrap is patent pending.

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