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HYDRAULIC SHIELDSTM has been developed to meet the MDG41 guidelines.

Reason 1 - It Saves Lives and Reduces Injury

An explosive hydraulic hose event can be lethal.  Fluid injection injuries cause fatalities and
permanent injuries.  By installing the hydraulic shield you will improve the safety of your
machine operators.

Reason 2 - 30% Increased Availability

By stopping dirt, grit and rock from becoming lodged around hydraulic hoses, you'll experience an immediate increase in hose longevity and machine availability.  After 6 month trials at Agnew Gold Mine, maintenance costs per drilled metre on underground jumbos has improved by 30%.

Reason 3 - Increased Productivity

Every hour your equipment is down can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  With HYDRAULIC SHIELD you will experience less interruption to operations and an increase to your productivity therefore having a substantial positive impact on your bottom line..


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